GamerGate has been a polarizing issue for months. There’s been racketeering, tons of people out to make a name for themselves, and a whole lot of arguing. Where it stands at the moment is a matter of opinion. It seems every week, another claim of victory seems to come up from the “Progressive” camp; most of these claims are pushed by friends of those implicated in the media racketeering and feature distinctly agenda-driven narratives. It is made worse by Chinese whispers, jingoist ravings and henhouse commentary.

On the other hand, the #GamerGate hashtag continues on, as do the extremely diverse and inclusive communities who unite under it.

Recently, someone very close to its now infamous event horizon, thezoepost, revealed themselves and shed some light on what they’d seen and heard. It’s important to note that this commentary comes from a socially-conscious and progressive female friend of Eron Gjoni, the “jilted ex” of Zoe Quinn.
Her account of what happened can be found at the link below:

GamerGate Launched in My Apartment

Of note are her depictions of the emotional abuse that Eron was subjected to. They sound all too familiar to me, a person who was also once a little too fragile, and a little too trusting of a girl who’d made it a point to be hurtful. Everybody loses in love at some point or another. You move on. You grow stronger. But there are some really twisted and manipulative people out there. I’d rather not go into my own story, it is long in the past. It was a learning experience, even if I was the only one to learn from it.

Anyway, Rachel paints a pretty clear portrait of the atmosphere surrounding the relationship, and what had been going on in Eron’s mind at the time.
It’s definitely worth the read if you’re at all curious about what happened.

Being on Eron’s side—not as part of Gamergate, as such, considering my lack of gaming, but as his friend—is weird. On Twitter, I follow my favorite authors and artists, all women, and most of them have either directly or indirectly referred to my friend as a misogynistic crybaby jilted ex.

I want to attempt to set the record straight, here: Eron broke up with Zoe, that last time. If anything, Zoe was jilted. Words mean things, y’all.

She’s got a very likable style. This is the first thing she has written that I’ve read but I hope she continues posting things in this “diary” style, she’s very good at it.
You can find more from Rachel by clicking here.




a million glass eyes

replace the mirror


to look inside

finally rid

of each other

cast off with

the rising tide

the new proletariat

brave a void

they have wrought

and lined

the constellations

of themselves

sculpt a

warning sign